Frequently Asked Questions

What if my debit card was declined?

Debit cards have a $1,000 daily transaction limit. This is to prevent major theft in the event your debit card is stolen and used to make purchases. If you attempt to make over $1,000 in single or aggregate purchases for a day your debit card will be declined.

If your available account balance is negative this will prevent further purchases on your card from being authorized. All debits previously authorized will be paid from the account even into overdraft. Additional fees may apply.

Effective July 1, 2010 if you have not "Opted In" to changes in Overdraft Practices then you will be prevented from making a Debit Card/ATM purchase if you do not have enough money in your account. See Overdraft Protection Changes.

What if my deposit isn't showing?

All deposits made after the business day ends at 3pm will post to your account the following business day. Your after-hours deposit won’t be reflected in your account’s available spending balance until after 3pm the following day. Also, any deposit made after 3pm on Friday won’t be available until the following Tuesday. (If the Monday after your Friday deposit is a bank holiday then your deposit won’t be available until the following Wednesday)

What if I need a access id and passcode for Internet Banking?

From the home page, click on Internet Banking Enrollment. As you are enrolling you will be prompted to choose your own access id and passcode. Once approved you will receive an email to confirm your enrollment.

What if I want to start using Bill Pay?

During enrollment for internet banking you will have the opportunity to also select bill pay services.

What if I am unable to log in to Internet Banking?

If you have tried to log in multiple times, the system will automatically lock you out after three incorrect password attempts. Call your local bank branch and request that your password be reset.

What if I forgot my username?

You will need to contact your local Texas Heritage Bank branch and upon satisfactory identification, your username may be disclosed.

What if I receive a text message requesting information about my banking accounts or debit cards?

Texas Heritage Bank will NOT text you requesting information about any bank account information. If you receive a text like this, DO NOT give out any personal information. If you do, please notify the bank immediately so we can assess the situation. Text alerts are available if you enroll from our Internet Banking, but you should never reply to a text alert or message.